Outrights: If for whatever reason a selection/participant does not start a Winter Sports event, the bet is lost even if the event takes place. No refunds for non-starters.

HH´s: For match betting, both participants must start the event for bets to be valid. In Ski Jumping, both jumpers must qualify for and start the event for bets to be valid. In Nordic Combined, both participants must start in both sections of the competition for bets to stand , and at least one of the participants must finish both sections of the event for bets to stand.

Outrights Abandoned Events: All bets will void if an event is abandoned unless the official ruling federation (FIS, IBU, or any other official federation) confirms the results as an ‘official result’ at the time the event was abandoned and it is not continued within the next 1hours at the same location.

Outrights Postponed/Rearranged Events : All bets will stand if the event is postponed and is re-run at the same venue within the next two calendar days. If an event is moved to a different location, the bet will be void.

Team Events and Relays: For the purposes of this bet, team events and relays only counts as a single medal.