Results will be graded based on the official result decided at ringside. The result may be revised or altered after initial presentation by the ring announcer. Bets are not official until results verified by officials at the fighting venue.
Any alterations after the ringside result by sanctioning body which overturns of a fight decision based on appeal, lawsuit, drug testing result, or any other sanction will not be recognized and bets will remain as they were based on ringside result.
Bets on a fighter to win by “KO/TKO” are consider winners if the fighter KO, TKO or corner stoppage only.
A wager on a fighter “Inside Distance” wins if the selected fighter wins by KO, TKO, DQ, submission, or any other form of stoppage.
The halfway point of a round is at exactly two minutes and seconds of a minute round. Thus, ½ rounds would be two minutes and thirty seconds of the th round.
For bets on specific total number of rounds, if a fighter does not answer the bell to start a round where the fight has gone the exact distance listed on the total, the UNDER is the winner as that round never officially started.
When a draw occurs, wagers on either fighter to win are refunded with the exception of any bets where the draw option is offered.Any other bets are graded according to their specific wording.

A Unanimous Decision is recognized when all three judges score him as the winner.

A Split-Decision is recognized when two judges score him as the winner and one judge scores the other fighter as the winner.

A Majority Decision is recognized when two judges score him as the winner and one judge scores the fight a draw.

Any fight that is deemed “no contest” or “no decision” will have all wagers refunded.

Fight start markets means: Will the round will take place? example: Fight starts round : Yes is won if at least one second of nd round takes place