There must be minutes or less of scheduled game time left for bets to have action, unless the specific market outcome is already determined.

All bets are regular time only unless other is stated.

If a market is stated to include overtime and penalty shootout but overtime or the penalty shootout is not played and the match is ended in a draw, all bets will be settled according to the final score at regular time.

In the event of a game being decided by a penalty shootout, then one goal will be added to the winning team´s score and the game total for settlement purposes. This rule applies only for markets which include Overtime.

NHL Western or Eastern Conference Winner – The team that progresses to the Stanley Cup Final will be deemed the winner.

Player specials
For all player matches, or handicaps all players must participate in the match for bets to stand. All points/goals/assist/shot (or any other stat scored) scored during Regular time and Overtime count; however points scored during penalty shootouts do not.

Goalie Specials
Must start for action. Includes Overtime, Shootout does not count.

Grand Salami: All Matches must be played for bets to stand. If a game/s is postponed, bets will be voided unless the game is played within 1hours of original starting time. If the market OVER/Under total goals is already OVER without postponed match being played bets will stand.