All bets are regular time only unless otherwise stated. Regular time is defined by the official rules published by the respective governing association. At least minutes of the match must be played for bets to be considered valid. Any bets where the result is conclusively known before regular time is completed or before a match is abandoned should be settled regardless if minutes are completed or not.
For the purpose of reference, matches listed specifically as “Youth” take into account Football matches played between teams where the players are years of age and below.

Bets will be settled according to the definition provided by the governing body. Unless backed by un-contradictory evidence, BETSSON GROUP will not acknowledge any complaints deriving from a personal interpretation of these terms. In the case of UEFA Club competitions the official full-time pdf press-kit match report will be used for settling purposes. In the event where no statistics are provided by the governing body, will be used to support settlement of bets.

No adjustments to settlement will be made for any changes or adjudications made by governing bodies after the event or tournament.

Card Markets
Only cards shown to players currently on the pitch will count. Cards shown to managers or players on the bench at the time of receiving the card do not count. In the event where a player is shown yellow cards and subsequently a red card, cards will count towards these bets.

Settlement will be made with reference to all available evidence to cards shown during the scheduled or minutes play. Any card shown after the full time whistle will be disregarded.