Bets will be determined and settled on the official final score of the full match including overtime (In the case of a game finishing in a tie and no overtime being played, all markets will be settled according to the final score in regulation).
The final score of the match is determined only if the match is completed in its entirety . Bets requiring a fulltime outcome of a match that is abandoned will be considered void. All betting markets which are not reliant on the completion of the full match are eligible to be settled assuming the period for which they refer to is complete.
For Example:
1st half bets will be settled if a match is abandoned in the nd half and/or an Over/Under market will be settled as over if the total had already gone over before the match was abandoned.

Player Specials – Any player special bets require all players involved in a particular bet market to participate in the match, otherwise the bets will be voided.

Bet Settlement
All resulting should be based from the official source or official website of the competition in question. In cases where statistics or results from the official source are unavailable, or there is significant evidence that the website has incorrect information use of independent sources for settlement can be invoked. In cases of absence of consistent information we will settle bets based on in-house statistics.

NBA Longterm Betting:
For regular season total win bets and matchups both teams must complete in a minimum of regular season games for the bets to be valid. However if the result is already conclusive before games are reached this rule doesn’t apply.

For Player Regular Season Averages Markets the Player must play % of his team’s games (in -game season) for the bets to be valid. As per NBA rules

Division Winner – Bets will be settled according to official NBA tiebreak rules

Conference Winner – The teams which advance to the NBA finals will be deemed the conference champion. This is not based on Regular Season record. .