Matches which are not started within 1hours of the originally scheduled starting time will be postponed and stakes will be refunded. A match becomes official once innings has been played (.if the home team is in the lead). Bets on Total runs, Team totals stand if at least innings are played (.if the home team is in the lead) or if the outcome of the bet is already decided when the game ends.

All bets include Extra Innings unless specified. If a playoff game is suspended and then resumed within 1hours after it was suspended, all bets will stand and be settled after the completion of the game. If, for any reason, a match would end up in a draw, bets on moneyline will be voided, while all other bets stand and will be settled according to official scoring.

Starting Pitchers:
Starting Pitchers published on baseball markets are available for information purposes only. Any starting pitchers that are shown in your betting history and/or on your bet slip will not affect your bet, and all bets remain valid; whether the starting pitcher shown starts the match or not.

Player Specials:
Any player involved in a player special must play in the game for bets to stand. For pitchers, they must throw at least one pitch. For batters, they must be featured in the starting line-up and make at least one plate appearance.
For any games where innings (.if home team is in the lead) aren’t completed, all player specials will be voided, unless the outcome is already determined. The outcome may be determined by going over or the player being removed from the game before the game ends.

For any bets related to Total Bases a batter is credited as follows:
Single = Base
Double = Bases
Triple = Bases
Homerun = Bases

Reaching a base as a result of walks, hit by pitch, error, balk, fielder’s choice, passed ball, wild pitch or interference does not count towards total bases.

Special Bets / Props:
Any special bets or proposition bets strictly related to the first inning will be settled as long as the first inning is completed. Whether the rest of the game is cancelled, postponed or suspended will have no bearing on this. Any special bets or props related to who will score first will be settled based on who scores first, whether the rest of the game is cancelled, postponed or suspended will have no bearing on this.

Regular Season Series Wagering:
All scheduled games in a series must be played no later than hours after the last game of the series was originally scheduled. If any game in the series is not completed during this timeframe all Series bets will be voided. All game results must become official results in the standings for bets to stand. Starting pitchers have no bearing on Series betting.

International Baseball:
Any game which is ended based on the ‘Mercy Rule’ will have action regardless of how few innings are played.

Grand Salami: At least ½ innings must be played throughout all games for bets to stand. If a game is postponed, bets will be voided unless the game is played within 1hours of original starting time. All Grand Salami bets stand, irrespective of any pitching changes throughout that particular day. If the market OVER/Under total runs is already OVER without postponed match being played bets will stand. .