All bets are settled according to the official results of the event in question. If a specific event is suspended or postponed, bets remain valid provided that the event is completed on the same venue within 1hours.

Match Winner including In-Play
One full game must be completed for bets to stand. If less than game is completed in the match, all bets will be considered void.

Handicap bets including In-Play
If any participants retire, the handicap bets will be considered as void unless there is no possible way the match could be played to its natural conclusion without unconditionally determining the result of that market.

If a listed player doesn’t start in a singles or a doubles match the bets on this individual match will be voided. All bets on the outcome of a team match will however not be affected by any player substitutions or changes in the team line-ups. All bets stand on the outcomes of a team match, even in the event that one or more individual matches is settled by walk over decisions due to player resignation.

Over/under: If any participants retire, the O/U bets will be voided unless the line has already been exceeded in which case it will be resulted accordingly.

Outrights: No refunds for non-starters. Dead-heat rules apply.