Any match which is postponed or abandoned will be voided if it is not rescheduled and completed within the same NFL weekly schedule. For example if a match initially scheduled to be played on Week 1on a Sunday is rescheduled to Monday through Wednesday and forms part of the Week 1Schedule then bets will stand. If it is pushed back further than Wednesday it then forms part of another week’s schedule and bets will be voided.

All matches include overtime unless otherwise specifically stated. At least minutes of the match must have been played for bets to be considered valid. If this is not the case, all bets are considered void and the odds are set to 1.. If a match ends in a draw after extra time, bets on money line are considered void and the odds are set to 1., all other bets are settled according to the final result.

AFC/NFC Conference Winner bets are determined by which teams advance to the Superbowl.

NFL Divisional Winners are determined by which teams are deemed division winner according to at the completion of the NFL Regular Season.

Hallftime/Fulltime, Highest Scoring Half, Highest Scoring Quarter – These bet Groups do not include Overtime for settlement purposes.

Will Either Team Score Unanswered Times – Predict whether either team will string together consecutive scoring plays. A safety, field goal and touchdown count as scoring plays. PAT’s (Point after Touchdown) and Pt. Conversions do not count as scoring plays as they are a continuation of the actual Touchdown.

Player Specials
For all player special bets all players involved in the must participate in the match for bets to stand. First and Last Scorer are the exception where there are No Refunds for Non-starters.

Fantasy matches
In Fantasy matches two teams compete virtually only. The winner of this match-up is the team that scores the most goals on the current match day against a real opponent including overtime. Beware: only goals are counted, victory or loss is irrelevant.

Fantasy match: Atlanta – San Francisco; Real Matches: Atlanta – New York Jets: – 1and San Francisco – Baltimore: – . The result of the fantasy match Atlanta – San Francisco is – ; San Francisco is the winning selection.

NFL Draft Specials
Player positions for the NFL Draft will be settled according to the position announced during the draft itself.